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Overcoming Addiction: 5 Steps To Start Your Recovery Journey

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Overcoming Addiction: 5 Steps To Start Your Recovery Journey

Taking a step toward recovery is difficult. It requires you to examine and accept some difficult realities about yourself, and it takes much patience and determination. You need to recognize your triggers, avoid them, and actively seek out positive behavioral changes. Often, just the prospect of starting on the path toward sobriety is enough to discourage anyone from trying.

In many cases, the recovery journey isn’t a clear, one-way path. There will be several roadblocks, and you might even experience taking a wrong turn back to old habits. However, staying the course will unquestionably benefit your overall well-being. Hence, if you're ready to live happier and healthier, here are actionable steps to get you started on a life of sobriety:

1. Recognize the Problem

The hardest part of addiction recovery is always the start — admitting that you have a problem. Substance use disorders affect your brain, stimulating it to create justifications to keep using. This makes it challenging to acknowledge the need for drastic change.

However, recognizing that you have a problem puts you face to face with your issue, its causes, and consequences. Instead of being shameful, think of it as a sign of courage that you’re ready to take active steps to turn your life around.

2. Understand the “Why”

After acknowledging your addiction, reflect on yourself and why you fell into this habit. What made you start using? Then, understand why you want to stop. Did you realize how addiction negatively affected your health? Do you want to take back your family or relationship? Maybe you have financial goals you're determined to achieve.

Your answer is one of the most powerful weapons you can take in your battle against addiction. As urges or cravings kick in or withdrawal symptoms worsen, remembering your “why” can give you the strength to overcome these obstacles.

To be constantly reminded of your motivations, consider implementing them into your everyday life. Keep a journal or paste motivational post-its around your workspace. You can also carry pictures of your family and loved ones in your car or wallet. These are constant reminders of why you decided to turn a new leaf.

3. Consider a Rehabilitation Program

Rehab facilities are created to help those with substance abuse problems. They provide a structured program to help patients achieve sobriety. Starting rehab offers you a multitude of therapy and treatment options to address your substance dependence and create a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.

In addition, going to an addiction treatment center gives you access to expert guidance and builds relationships with fellow recovering addicts. This gives you a sense of community with people who understand the struggle of recovering from addiction.

4. Set Your Goals

Most people recovering from addiction make the mistake of setting only one big goal — to never use it again. The pressure of having only one grand objective exposes you to unnecessary stress and disappointment, making you prone to relapsing.

Consider having smaller milestones. They positively highlight your efforts, keeping you motivated and grateful for your progress. Here are some examples of smart goals you can create toward recovery:

  • Avoid people or places that trigger your urges.

  • Find healthy ways to manage stress.

  • Start a new hobby to distract you from your cravings.

  • Plan outdoor or physical activities.

5. Create a Strong Support System

The stigma associated with addiction can make you feel isolated from the world. However, quitting can make you seem even more detached, especially as you go through the throes of withdrawal. Thus, it becomes even more important to connect with your loved ones and rebuild relationships.

Everyone's support system will look different. Regardless, choose people who can recognize your goals and stand by you as you try to accomplish them. Take time to contact family and friends who can support you in your decision. They should be people you feel safe with and can hold you accountable when times get tough.

Start Your Recovery Journey With The Detox and Treatment Helpline

Addiction recovery may be daunting, but it’s the only path to a better and healthier you. So, let us help you start your sobriety journey. Here at The Detox and Treatment Helpline, we provide expert support in creating a comprehensive addiction treatment program — from taking the first steps toward recovery to maintaining long-term sobriety. Contact us at

877-314-2934 to start your new life today!

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